Network Optimization Service

    We provide network optimization service with professional engineering expertise, tools and innovative solutions to push your network for the best end-user experience, reducing operation cost and achieve competitive advantage.

Service features:

  • Resolve issues and allow the future prediction
  • Make decisions faster
  • Manage the change with full control



Network Audit

    Very competitive contemporary wireless network market brings a lot of questions for operators – “How is our network strong?”, “If it’s safe?”, “Are the quality good enough? The Wireless DNA Audit provide the answers and solutions for this and many more questions.



Accelerating Network Performance

    Wireless DNA innovative solution scan your network for problems and network potential, then using the Wireless DNA magic forecasts network performance risks and alarms. In final effect evaluate the network performance in basis of innovative scan and forecast algorithm to design goals and the best end-user experience.



End-User Experience Monitoring

    Wireless DNA provide intelligent solutions to keep network performance on high level and avoid network traffic problems associated with special events or increased data demand. Everything to keep high standards of end-user experience and your competitive advantage.



BIG DATA Management

    Wireless DNA will take care of your network including design, planning, everyday monitoring with hazards prediction.



Projects RAN to CORE

    Lesson learned of more than 200 projects Wireless DNA engineers provide dedicated resources on demand to guarantee correct functioning and maintenance of the solution along the time, proactively detecting and resolving problems related to network performance and complex technological changes.