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Entropy Weather

The Entropy Weather project is part of a research program that aims to transform telecommunications networks into meteorological observation networks. In particular, this project is part of a larger project that will allow the analysis and management of telecommunications networks to detect various factors that affect the signal quality, such as interference, configuration errors, attenuation, etc.

In particular Entropy Weather has consisted of the development of an algorithm that allows to calculate the precipitation intensities in real time using an existing infrastructure such as the mobile telephony transport network. To obtain these rainfall intensity estimates, different algorithms have been identified and developed for the signal level processing of the radio links. The idea is to relate the attenuation of the signal level that occurs when it rains and to estimate from this information the precipitation intensity averaged between the distance of both radio links. The results show how the estimates of precipitation that have been calculated are close to those observed with the rain gauges, obtaining a reliability of around 75%.

The product that will be offered is very innovative in the business world since, until now, its scope is exclusive of specialized research groups. By having a huge amount of precipitation intensity measurements will allow to develop better systems of nowcasting and improve protocols of preventive action of risk and impact in extreme weather situations.

This project has been carried out with FEDER funds from the
European Union for a value of 50,000 euros.

Wireless DNA Entropy Weather Project