Social intelligence is about the future, using the knowledge of the present to improve the future by finding the best possible pathway.

Smart City Intelligence  is our ALMA and is not a fixed attribute, but a complex hierarchy of information and processing skills underlying an adaptive equilibrium between the individual and the environment.

ALMA is our Masterpiece: We gathered in a unique ecosystem the three aspects of today’s information knowledge processing: First, we developed the most advanced software coding (BI, big data queries, deep learning algorithms). Secondly, we assembled some of the last technology sensor monetizations. Finally, with our team of experts (Phds, Engineers, physics, mathematicians and social experts) we have dumped in all the necessary information to achieve our goal.



Today’s society is different to the one that existed not so many years ago. The most important characteristics of our era may be the transformation, transmission and dominion of information. New technologies are the base of our society and imagining them without it is impossible.

Modern technology is building bridges between people. Online education has set in; technology has also provided ways to grow more food, transport more people and make more products for a growing society. Other significant benefits of modern technology are the improvements in human health. As knowledge of the body and its functions develops, and as new tools to help heal it are created, life lasts longer: Not only we can extend our lives, but people can live more comfortably.

Automation of processes has brought efficiency and speed. Speedy performance of tasks has saved human effort and time.





 The information paradigm has changed. Nowadays it is possible thanks to data engineering to analyse though Queries Warehouse, Big Data, Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence, blocks of unstructured data. This state of the art brings in a new perspective of real-time management.

We don’t need to understand what’s going on; we need to define what we want, and how we needed o be done.

ALMA is capable of performing better than any other artificial intelligent due to its social intelligence modules.  Understanding both the meanings for IQ and SQ Intelligence, we wanted to build a virtual ecosystem that genuinely combined the power of processing data and transforming it into information that would be useful to help its users improve their quality of life at the same time that enriched its environment.



The ecosystem in which we live provides natural services for humans and all other species that are essential to our health, quality of life and survival. For example, our forests remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air we breathe and also cool our air temperatures, reducing the formation of ground-level ozone, a pollutant that can cause heart and lung problems to worsen; our wetlands store stormwater, filter and make harmless storm water pollutants, and recharge our aquifers (where most of us get our drinking water) with these filtered waters; and the dune systems on our beaches form natural barriers to storm waves and provide important habitat and travel ways for wildlife.

The weather is also a determining element in everyone’s life. It affects our daily routine; it’s the reason for the increase of Strokes, Heart Attacks increase During Winter. We know that Seasonal Affective Disorder frequently occurs among people who live under constant climate conditions, it also affects the foods People Eat.

Weather Patterns and Jet Streams and Scientists have linked climate change with extreme weather conditions that include floods and droughts, lightning-strike wildfires, unusual heat waves and changes in the jet streams that circle the Earth.

Extreme or non-extreme weather conditions affect us, including accurate information to ALMA allows us to be extremely precise and useful within all outdoors activities.