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WDNA present “ALMA” at the SMART ISLAND WORLD CONGRESS: a unique Smart City project!

The second edition of the technological congress on the most important islands of the world, WDNA Group had an honour to present “ALMA”, an ambitious project which combines technology, information, sustainability and a strong social heart.

Awarded the “1st Premi Smart Mallorca” by indication of the Mr. Josep Lluís Colom, insular director of Modernization and Innovation and president of the jury;  in Calvià at 23td and 24th of April during the SMART ISLAND WORLD CONGRESS 2018, we presented the Smart City project, “ALMA”, a unique ecosystem of artificial intelligence ensures the protection of the information and codifies it in an advanced way through Big Data and algorithms of deep learning. All this through the latest sensors monitoring technologies and a team of experts in different fields (doctors, engineers, physicists, mathematicians and social professionals).

The result is a truly intelligent urban platform that guarantees amore productive and efficient life through technology, social interaction, the community and the conscience.




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What is a Network Operations Center?

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is the place where network administrators supervise and maintain a telecommunication network, its performance and its quality. Network Operations Center personnel are responsible for network performance monitoring, equipment and installation failures, communication line alarms (such as data stream errors, framing errors, line coding errors, and circuits down), physical and logical security breaches and other performance issues that may affect the network and degrade service. Enterprises with huge networks and large network service providers use Network Operations Center to support users and network clients with remote network monitoring and management as well providing professional services automation and intelligent network performance management.


How Network Operations Center looks like?

Network Operations Center are frequently laid out with several rows of desks, all facing a big screen wall with latest technology, which typically shows details of highly significant alarms, ongoing incidents and general network performance. As well news or weather TV channel, as this can keep the Network Operations Center engineers aware of current events which may affect the network or systems they are responsible for. Individual engineer desks are generally assigned to a specific network, technology or area. NOC engineers may have several computer monitors on their desk, with the extra monitors used for monitoring the systems or networks covered from that desk.

Network Operation Center, Network Optimization, Network Performance Management, Network R&D Service, Network Operations, Network Certification, Self Optimizing Network, Wireless DNA NOC

Network Operations Center, Network Optimization, Network Monitoring, Network Performance Management, Network R&D Service, Network Operations, Network Certification, Self Optimizing Network, Network Security, Wireless DNA NOC


What exactly Network Operation Center do?

Network Operation Center team support engineers and telecommunication technicians that are in charge of monitoring and detecting every endpoint possible within a managed network. NOC team supports everything from network infrastructure health, network security and quality assurance to provide with the best possible network services in real time. Besides they execute configuration adjustments to ensure all networks are running efficiently. NOC as well provides intelligent network solutions, allows to predict anticipated service demand and adjust network performance for this demand.

Network Operation Center, Network Optimization, Network Performance Management, Network R&D Service, Network Operations, Network Certification, Self Optimizing Network, Wireless DNA NOC


Why Network Operators needs a Network Operations Center services?

Network Operations Center with intelligent network management can bring network operators to the next level, using AI technology to increase performance and profitability of the network, allows to prevent from network failures, network optimization, reduce network outages to keep end users service experience at the best.

Providing network audit and network certification, will align any telecommunication infrastructure with network operators business goals, development and strategy.



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Network Optimization, Network Monitoring, Network Management Service Wireless DNA Auditors Logo ENTROPY_AUDITOR network optimization, mobile network, tool, auditor, network audit, network management tool, wireless, network monitoring, real time kpi, wireless network performance

We are glad to introduce Jose Carlos Gazquez, as the new Country Manager for Wireless DNA team. He will take a this key WDNA role starting on 1st of November 2016 becoming the main interface for the Country. Main responsibilities will be heading and supporting team operations, customer care also coordinating with headquarters any new business cases and demands.

Jose Carlos has demonstrated in his past roles, tremendous potential in different telecom activities for Mexico, Central and South America as a senior executive in Telecom industry.  We figure that he will be very successful in guiding you and working with you in all your daily tasks.

We hope that you will find your work to be rewarding, challenging, and meaningful.


jose_carlos_perez  Jose Carlos Gazquez

Country Manager


Wireless DNA Domestic Network Auditors Team

Once again, welcome Jose Carlos Gazquez to Wireless DNA!

Wireless DNA Team


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Entropy Auditor participation in EL MUNDO publication, surprised even Wireless DNA. Media interest aroused by this software among mobile network companies is the pride and a surprise to the makers themselves.


Now it’s time to surprise you, by the level of network efficiency improvement!